Monday, June 6, 2011

Sixteen Shots In All

Today we (the family) all went to get our immunization shots in preparation for our trip to Colombia.  Most of us got three shots each and Brahms got one more extra since the school now requires immunization of students for whooping cough and tetanus.  That makes a total of sixteen shots in all.  I was scared of the shots since I was not sure what  they would do to me.  I told Tim that I was more afraid of those shots than going to Colombia without them.   We were asked to remain in the building for thirty minutes for observation.   Thank goodness there is a Starbucks coffee inside Safeway. 

Then later in the afternoon we were all sore on the upper arm.  Hopefully we will feel more comfortable in the morning.  I'm guessing that Brahms will still be sore from the tetanus shot.

Here's a list of the recommended immunizations we got:
Hepatitis A
Yellow Fever
Thyphoid Fever
Whooping Cough and Tetanus

This is the first country that we will have been to where we are required to have so many shots.  Another observation worth noting is that immunizations are expensive mainly because the insurance company does not pay for them.  We spent a total of $1,700+.   It is all good...God has been very generous to us.  :)

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