Thursday, June 9, 2011

Miriam Finishes 5th Grade

Principal Mrs. Jensesn

On June 3, 2011 Miriam graduated from Brooks Elementary School.  She finished fifth grade with President's Academic Excellence Award.  Tim and I are very pleased and feel rewarded beyond what we deserve as parents.  We thank God for guiding and protecting her. 

After  eleven years of being a Brooks-family, the Lewis family also graduated from the school and is now ready for the next phase of our life.  Miriam will be attending Rolling Hills Middle School.  Since Shannon and Brahms went to Camerado Springs Middle School, this will be a new experience not only for Miriam but also for Tim and I. 

Her favorite teacher:  Mr. Nordquist.

We are all very proud of her

Two silly sisters.

Showing her President's Award plaque

Goodbye William Brooks Elementary School

We thank God for Miriam and the way she is growing up to be. 

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