Monday, May 2, 2011

A Virtue in Action

We hear people losing their phones all the time; once a phone is lost, it is gone forever...Well, not quite. 

Today Shannon came home and told me of a story that happened today at school.  She found an iPhone in the restroom.  The phone was sitting on the toilet paper dispenser.  She took the phone and asked those students outside the restroom if they left an iPhone. When nobody claimed to have lost one, she brought the phone to the office and told the secretary where she found it.   Shannon was amazed to see the secretary's reaction - "You are very honest!" she said.  Shannon thought that this was the only right thing thing to do. Obviously not so many students hand in a found iPhone these days.  Instead they would replace the SIM card with theirs and voila!  They have a new iPhone. 

While Shannon was eating lunch, Megan Ong, one of her friends, mentioned that Ming, another friend, lost her iPhone.  So Shannon told her of the one that she handed in to the office.  Megan looked for Ming to tell her about it.  In the meantime during seventh period (a free time for Shannon) Megan instructs Shannon to go see Ming.  Ming was very grateful - she gave Shannon a 20 dollar bill.  Considering that Shannon charges $10/hour for tutoring, she was very happy to receive $20 just for finding her iPhone.

Mothers like me are filled with joy when we see our children apply the virtues that we worked and prayed hard to develop in them. 

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