Monday, May 2, 2011

Girls Play Date

Children no matter how tall they are will always be youthful at heart.  Emily is Miriam's classmate and friend.  She is tall and Miriam is short, comparatively speaking.  Sometimes I could not help but imagine that Emily likes to do things that are more mature in nature just because she is taller than me.  I have to constantly remind myself that she is young just like Miriam.   

During this past two-week-Spring-break, Miriam and Emily got together twice.  During the first week we all went to see the movie "Rio". It was a girls date.  Linda (her mom), Emily, and Julia (sister) joined us  (Shannon, Miriam and I) afterwards to go to McDonalds for some food.  

Then we arranged to have Emily and Miriam play at home.  It is very delightful to have them play together because they like to laugh.  I was in the kitchen when they played PS3 games and I found out that Miriam behaves differently when she's with her other friends - Erich and Will.   She is controlled and feeling-in-charge when she is with the boys. However, when she was with Emily she is more care-free and relaxed.  Whatever the reason maybe - I guess it has something to do with gender difference in maturity level. :) 

The two girls made chocolate chip cookies.  As soon as they put the cookies in the oven, they grabbed the spatula and the paddle and started licking them.  I admire their self-control.  Obviously as they were dropping the dough onto the baking sheet they were already making plans as to who gets what utensil to lick. 

They had a great time together.  Unfortunately, Emily had to go to her piano lessons.  They only had a little bit of time to play with Miriam's dollhouse.

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