Saturday, January 29, 2011

Busy Saturday

Chess Tournament 2011. Shannon and Miriam played as a team and won First Prize at the Brooks Elem. Chess Club Tournament.  Miriam also won First Prize as an individual player.  That's right; they came home with two trophies.   This was a Parent-Child Chess Tournament where parents play against parents and their kids against other kids.  Each parent-and-child is a team. Brahms and Tim ran the tournament.

Sam visits us.  Sam is the new addition to George and Barbara's household.  We got to see him when today.  Miriam and Brahms played outside with him until he got tired.

Preliminary interview for Princeton.  One of the many schools Shannon applied to is Princeton University.  Today she drove herself alone and met with her interviewer.  Different universities take different approaches to evaluate applicants.  At the moment we do not have any clue as to her chances of being admitted to any school.  Only God knows and He knows everything about it. 

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