Monday, January 17, 2011


One of the wonderful blessings brought to us during the Christmas season was the time spent with Daniel and Becky! The bride-and-groom-to-be at our house! Getting to know them as a couple was as exciting as learning about some of the details of their wedding which is right around the corner.

When she talked about the number of pie plates she has now and the practicality of increasing it, knowing that she will soon be a (pie-making) Mrs. Gossard, I couldn't help but be reminded of a tradition that runs in the Gossard family (Tim's mother’s side). There is a belief that is almost religious in the Gossard family that "All pie is good pie. Some pie better than other pie, but all pie is good pie." I do not adhere to this belief because my judgment tells me that it is a superstition. But even so, being a kind wife and mother, I consciously go far and wide to provide the necessary pies for my family—for the sake of this tradition. I was told that Tim’s grandfather, Waldo, was the father of this [religion]. I've witnessed him along with Paul, and Johnnye eloquently carry out poetic exchange during times when pie is being served. In the early days of our married life, I kept quiet to try to make accurate interpretations of what I was hearing. I supposed this is what other new members of the family would also do. Later on it was revealed to me that I was not the only one feeling out of place because Mark was the same way after he and Jennifer got married. For as long as I can remember since Tim and I got married, I’ve heard this saying said every time the family got together - as if to remind the family about the exalted status of the pie. It has become a significant part of the pie-eating ritual. The weird part of it all is that when the men in the family get closer to being wise and married they automatically begin to participate in the oration of pie verses. I can remember the joy and pride on Tim's face when he initiated his first pieoratorical (pie-oratorical). David my brother-in-law, then an apprentice pitching in some verses here and there, was soon to be part of the club after he and Saskia got married. If I had thought about it sooner, it would have been a good idea to have recorded all their sayings.

The women in the family are supposed to be entertained by the pieoratorical; they are obligated to feel slighted when the men do not try all the pies on the table; and rejoice when the pie plates are emptied.  Pie-eaters are expected to show grace and kindness to the pie-makers by going back for seconds or thirds  .

Next month Daniel and Becky will get married. Daniel, who served as ring bearer in our wedding, will take on a new role in life – husband to Becky. There is an unexplained joy in the Gossard clan. Soon there will be a new couple to give pie plates and pie recipes to. Their marriage announces the possibility of new grandchildren, nephews/nieces and cousins. The wedding will mark his official induction into the pie-oratorical club. But wait, that's not all. Daniel and Becky after they will have been declared man and wife will upgrade the tradition with something that no Gossard has ever done before. Pie will be elevated to the pinnacle when Daniel and Becky serve pie at their wedding for dessert, instead of cake.  There we will see a multitude of people in designer dresses and tuxedos, declaring, "All pie is good pie!"

 These are exciting days indeed!

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