Saturday, November 14, 2009

Who Likes Peas?

Early in our marriage, I found out that Tim dislikes peas.  There are a lot of stories that tell how successfully he avoided eating peas.  Being a very accommodating wife, I deliberately deleted anything in my menus that included peas as ingredient.  Where I grew up, peas - canned peas, are prized foods.  They are usually added to meat dishes of Spanish origin.  Compared to other vegetables they are relatively expensive.  They are used mostly when cooking for special occasions unless you are rich.  

From time to time, I'd sneak a bag of frozen peas into my freezer and cook it for myself alone.  I usually eat them when Tim is traveling or when he is eating something else.   For my children, there must have been only a couple of times when I asked them to eat peas.  They act as if they dislike it. 

Last night I found out that they like peas.  Tim and I were going to bible study that came with dinner.  I'd feed my children before we leave.  Last night, since I was not in the mood for cooking anything that required a lot of effort I asked what they thought of "Top Notch Ramen" for dinner.  This is Top Ramen with a lot of added ingredients.  They seemed amenable and started to name the things that they wanted in it.  "Sweet onions, peas, ham, and parsley!"  I was very surprised to hear "peas" but I just kept quiet and started to work on it.  I put a lot of peas in it.  I watched them eat their peas with no problem.  They were enjoying every tiny green dot in their food. 

From now on, peas will be prominently displayed in my freezer as most of the people in this house like peas.  Tim is now a minority and so I will cook and serve peas anytime now without any fear of inducing disgust to the rest of my family.

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