Thursday, November 5, 2009

The Henry Kids

Elisha, Joel, Isaiah, Nathaneal, Micah, Simeon, Giovanna, Abeny
I can't remember which name goes to which face. 
They are well behaved.  It's fun to have them.

He struggles in being buckled in the car seat all the time. 
He can't wait to be part of the whole commotion around him.

Trying to be his own person. 
Right now all his older siblings play the violin. 

The Henry family is extraordinarily blessed with nine kids... and counting. :)  When they are at our house I have to really use my imagination as to where to sit them all when eating.  I remember one summer, we spread blankets on the grass for the little ones to sit on - as in picnics.  That did not work very well because they are used to eating on tables and it became a challenge to the kids as well as to Keisha (mom) who was trying to make sure that the kids ate their food.  Up to this point, I still have not come up with a solution that would allow us (two families) to sit sit together.   That would mean sixteen chairs!  I'd have to rearrange my furniture to have my two dining tables joined together.  Someday, maybe. 

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