Sunday, October 25, 2009

Musselmans In New House

We took a quick trip to Burlingame to visit Mark, Jen, Maya and Jason.  It was good to see all of them and their new house.  Of the three houses that they've had so far, this is the biggest of them all.  It looks very nice and comfortable.  The hardwood floors made me think of our own old carpet with pity.  The house looks new with all the modern appliances and counter tops inspite of its age (1924?).   Oh, the power of renovation.  The master bedroom is very spacious, it covered the whole second floor.  Mark has a separate, quiet office.  It seems very conducive for thinking and generating big ideas.  Tim was probably thinking, "If only I have a detached office..."  They have a spacious, yard where the kids can go around discovering nature and just playing around.

Maya:  "I can climb!"

Maya and Jason are beautiful and well behaved kids.  Mark and Jen are doing such a great job.  Jason is full of energy and is such a happy kid.  He was very entertaining - showing us all the things that we need to see including how he climbs up his parents jacuzzi tub. He showed Brahms how his trains work until he was tired and could barely eat his lunch.  Then he said night-night.  I've always been amazed at their obedience when it comes to going to bed.  Maya was like that too when she was little.

Jason & Shannon

Jason  & Brahms

Maya is a curious girl.  She asked me why Miriam calls Shannon "Ate" and calls Brahms "Kuya".  She's very smart.  We also noticed that she is very focussed on the things that she likes doing.  She must have changed her shoes twice just so she could learn to climb trees properly.  When it was time for us to go she said, "Why do you have to go?"  What a thoughtful question.

The Cousins (While Jason sleeps)

It is good to take time to visit with relatives.  We get to share current joys and concerns with each other.  The problem with being far from each other is that when we hear about something it's no longer news but history.  It's too late to be part of that. 

Parental Units

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