Saturday, October 31, 2009

Halloween in Three Places

No so long time ago...we used to all go out on a night like this to the neighborhood with all the kids to trick-or-treat.  (We'd go out early, leave a bowl of candies by the front door and a note welcoming trick-or-treaters to help themselves with them.) Sometimes we would carry Miriam because she'd be too tired going up and down the hills.  When my kids had enough candies they would stop going to the houses.  Then they would come home and see who wins in getting the most candies.  Our kitchen table would be full of candies but on that Halloween night they get to eat maybe five (maximum) candies and put the rest away.  They'd drink apple cider or hot chocolate or milk and then just hang out.  I miss those days.

Miriam as Mini Ninja Suzume

Now Miriam, in her Mini Ninja, Suzume outfit, is out trick-or-treating with Tim.  As always, she's with her friend Erich who is dressed like a gorilla.  I know she's not after the candies but rather she likes to show off her costume.   Brahms is in Cameron park right now with his old friends from middle school.  They're at Jonathan Gomorrah's house.  Brahms is so happy to see his good friends again including Jeremy and Jordan Parlin and Andrew Keen.  He still seem so attached to his old friends, which is good because it's taking a long time to build new friends in Oak Ridge.  Shannon is home giving candies to trick-or-treaters.  I told her to go out but she refused.  Instead she is doing her favorite things to do: reading and baking bread.  Right now I smell her Sunday Bread.  (We just had Natalie over in her pumpkin outfit.  Miriam and Tim are now back).  Now we are eating Shannon's creation.  It's yummy and loaded with energy too!

Shannon with Natalie, our special Trick-or-Treater

My children are growing up and I can't help it.  It is good to remember how things used to be and yet it is also fascinating to see them do new things.  Thank God for another Halloween...and healthy children.

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