Monday, September 7, 2009

Joyful Thought

Back in the Philippines my sister, Rowena, and her husband, Jun, along with their four young children live a very simple life.  He is a rice farmer and she helps make ends meet by working as the Barangay (village or a small district) Secretary and a rice dealer for National Food Administration.   They have very little and yet they are happy.  The kids don't have toys but they seem to be content and not missing anything (or they don't know what they don't have).

 Last year in November Miriam and I got to visit them.  I got the chance to talk to my sister heart to heart , if I may say.  This was the time when I asked her about her spiritual life and what they are doing to teach their kids about this matter.  It was a long and engaged discussion and mentoring.  To make the story short, I recommended that they find a local church where they can join other believers on a regular basis.
As we left the Philippines, I thought that it was important that I continue a close communication with my sister.  It gives her the feeling of belonging to someone (me) since she does not have any close relative now other than her own family.  So Tim and I decided to change or telephone service plan.  Now I can call her any time and still have enough to pay our bills. 
It's been ten months now since we went to the Philippines.  My family is very pleased with the changes that  have taken place in the life of my sister and her family and now even her neighbors.  They are now going to a church.  One day I called her, she was whispering and saying that the service is going on, if I could call her later.  I though that was a very good reason not to talk to her.  Every Saturday, a bible study teacher now  goes to her house and teach the children in their neighborhood.  The enthusiams is spreading beyond their own household. We are thankful to God.  We have been sending them some Sunday school materials and bibles.  Lately, my kids went through their libraries and decided to send their collection of Psalty's CDs and a number of Bible-related DVD. These may be small things here but there they are big-time additions to their resources. 
May the Lord continue to draw us all to Him.

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