Monday, September 21, 2009

Evacuation Day

September 18th was a very interesting day in El Dorado Hills.  Three schools: Oak Ridge High School; Rolling Hills Middle School; and Silva Valley Elementary School with a total of four thousand students were evacuated due to some "atmospheric pollution".  The chemical that was being used to reseal the Oak Ridge track was so odorous that students who were sensitive were having trouble breathing. 

The different schools were evacuated to different places.  Immediately after the students called their parents and before the schools notified the parents,  roads going to these three destinations were getting clogged with traffic.  As a result the school buses transporting the students from the schools were taking taking a lot more time.  It must have taken about two hours to transport all of Oak Ridge HS students to the church on Green Valley.  Normally it would take only five minutes to travel between the two points.  With the heavy traffic the travel time must have increased to 20 minutes each way.

Shannon and Brahms made good use of their unexpected free time by playing their new PS3 game called Mini Ninjas.  I was glad that Miriam's school was not near Oak Ridge HS.  My would have been more complicated.  My friend Sue and I did not have to cancel our lunch date even with our children home early.   We went to have lunch at Mimi's Cafe and had a good time catching up with each other.

An exciting day it was.

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