Thursday, January 7, 2016

First Trip of 2016 - Portland

January 4, 2016  Miriam and I traveled with Tim to Portland.  One of those trips when he is doing business while kid/s and I are on pleasure trip.  It was convenient because Miriam was still on her long winter break.  We were pleasantly surprised to see snow. It was different visiting Powell's Bookstore when everything around is slushy snow.  We also got to visit Multnohah Falls right before we headed to to airport.

During this trip we also swung by Salem to visit Daniel and Becky Gossard.  Becky was expecting their third child who, at that tie time was overdue.  They were gracious, they served us dinner.  The girls, Eden and Alex are very cute girls.  Interacting with them for a couple of hours brought memories of the time when Shannon and Brahms were that age.  Eden seems quiet and mellow while Alex is more sociable and adventurous.  It will be interesting to see if they maintain their personalities as they mature.

It was also good to see Paul and Pam who were in Salem when we visited there. We were not surprised because Becky was supposed to be giving birth  around that time.  Overall, it was a very nice time to catch up with the family.

And yes, Tim was able to accomplish what he planned to do in relation to his work - the very reason why we traveled to Portland in the first place.  :)

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