Wednesday, January 20, 2016

An overflow is always outward

The question of the day was: "How do you want to spend your next wedding anniversary?".  

Tim asked the question first. Naturally I have to respond to the question first.  What a burden!  When you are about to celebrate your 25th anniversary, like us, and you have gone to most of the places you've been wanting to go, eaten at numerous restaurants, visited gardens, seen so many Broadway and not-so Broadway shows and concerts, bought all the rings you wanted and all already stolen by burglars, spent so many times in cottages near ocean and beaches and did most of the pleasurable things you thought were great - you begin to think other ways to celebrate the next one.  So I pondered as we walked the mulberry tree-lined road.  There was nothing that I was really dreaming of doing with my husband. This is not because I am not interested but this is attributed to the fact that we have exhausted almost every possibility within our standards.  It does not help that Tim's favorite occupation is planning trips for the family.

So I shifted to a different level of standard - outward.  How would I spend my anniversary when God has blessed me so much already? In the past, He allowed us to do so many fun things and at present He put us in a good position to do more. How would we mark this milestone in our our marriage differently?   Let the blessing overflow! Do something to make someone's circumstances a better one. Tim asked me to come down to earth.  So I mentioned two specific examples that we could do. And Tim, being Tim, does not think twice once he knows what I want.  As if I am the one that sends the hints of pressure to be generous and he is the sensor that automatically opens the valve. Yes, this is how giving always worked between the two of us.  I propose with selfless intentions and he implements without reservations.

People can splurge on status symbol and experiences, but helping others experience life a little better creates a deeper sense of significance.  All glory to God!

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