Saturday, December 5, 2015

Little Christmas Tree

This is the second time since we moved to this house and third time since Tim and I got married that we used a natural Christmas tree.  We bought our first real tree during our first Christmas together on Helene Lane in Morgan Hill.  Since then we only used a seven-footer artificial tree until last year when we were too lazy to set it up and we bought a 3-foot tree. 

The one we have now is a four-foot Noble Fir.  It is seated on top of my small desk.  No furniture was moved to accommodate it except for my computer - which is not a furniture.  Brahms and Miriam decorated it and they are very pleased at how it turned out.  The only things I had to do was to add more lights and re-position the ribbons.  Shannon who is not home was glad to hear about the size of the tree we got because she has always been a proponent for a small Christmas tree.  

And so I must say that the value of Christmas trees comes not from their inherent size but on the ornaments that we put on them that bring out their sentimental quality - reminiscent of the season. We all are like a little Christmas tree in the eyes of God; on our own merits we are nothing.  By nature we are hopeless and separated from Him. With Christ covering the soul with his own life, man's life sparkles at last. 

Little Christmas tree
 no one to buy you give yourself  to me...

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