Friday, December 4, 2015

Home Sick

Miriam is enjoying some rest time today.  The hectic school and band schedule finally caught up with her.  There are not a lot going on at school today that resting at home with a bad cold is more important  matter than any of her school commitments today.

As parents, we've always been sensitive to how our kids feel when they are sick.  We are aware of their seriousness about school that when they say they are not feeling well we always give them the option to rest.  Sometimes they insist on going to school but when they say they want to stay home- that is it - no questions asked.

So today, Tim and I also took the chance to catch some needed sleep.  We got up early but when we found out that she's not up to going out we sent back to sleep.

Even our bunny benefited from Miriam being home.  She got a bath and took a long nap.  :)

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