Saturday, November 24, 2012

Thanksgiving 2012

                                                       Playing video game (Portal 2) while waiting for our guests.

Thanksgiving this year is beautiful.  Shannon is home, the siblings are all happy together.  The never-ending stories that they tell each other seem to be continually amusing to them all.  Tim and I are happy to be watching them.  Our family is whole once again and we know that God is here with us always.  God is good.  God is good.  I praise Him!  

I've been thinking more deeply about Thanksgiving lately - in an attempt to search for a deeper meaning to the occasion, if there is such a thing.  Having been raised in the Philippines, I consider Thanksgiving as an acquired tradition.  Beyond the feast that primarily consist of roast turkey, sweet potatoes, corn, and cranberries - all of which were discovered (as in gold) in the wild New World by the pioneer settlers - it meant nothing to me.  To the settlers, however, their discovery and introduction to the food of this land was tantamount to seeing a glimmer of hope.  There was an alternative to starvation!  Life could be sustained.

 As I have noticed during the last two decades celebrating Thanksgiving, we people are passionately thankful for the blessings we've received. Indeed there are many things that we can all be grateful for.  However, if they are the basis of our gratitude than the spirit of thankfulness is short-lived and flitting.   Maybe a better way is to be thankful to the One who gave and will continue to give everything we need.  

This year we shared Thanksgiving dinner with our friends, the Lippuners.

Eating together is a good thing to do. 

The young ones - Miriam, Shannon, Brahms, Alex, Marcus, Erich, and Anna 

The old people - wonder who they are... 

After every heavy meal, a card game is always in order...Perpetual Commotion

Thanksgiving Menu 2012
21.5 lb Roast Turkey (Grilled by Tim)
Giblet Gravy  (by Helen)
Cranberry Sauce (by Helen)
Stuffing (Mix from Costco prepared by Helen)
Sweetened Sweet Potato and Apple (by Sue)
Mashed Potatoes (by Brahms) 
Pumpkin Cheesecake (by Sue)
Apple Pie (by Helen)

To God be the glory!

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