Sunday, November 11, 2012

News from Shannon

The house was quiet when I got home from work.  I assumed that Tim was on his way from bringing the kids to Youth Group.  Lazily, I walked my way into the living room - dropping my lunch bag and jacket on to their usual place- when Tim came out.  He met me with his usual greeting then he told me the news:  "Shannon fell and she's is being brought to an Urgent Care."

Shannon was running to Pippin - the dining hall closest to the Shire - with a bunch of friends when Zack Soohoo stopped suddenly causing a collision.  Shannon fell onto the ground hitting her head against the concrete pavement. 

To make the story short she had a mild concussion and the problem was that I can not do anything.  I can't help her from El Dorado Hills.  So Ia asked my cousin Ronnie Lim, who lives hear Irvine to go check on her.  Fortunately, Shannon was fine.  Times like this bring me to a total dependence on God.

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