Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Trial Editing

Aira and Arabella - FCC at FLC

I just realized that images can be changed dramatically with a little editing.  The problem is that I hate reading manuals - I thought it's a waste of time.  But since I know nothing about digital editing, I have to invest some time in understanding the process.   We've had Photoshop Elements for a long time but the only editing I did has been "cropping".  Currently I am trying to understand the effects of changing color saturation and lighting on various images.  

Here are some pictures I edited using the most basic tools.  These pictures were taken on a Sunday afternoon (November 20, 2011)  while I was with Aira and Arabella - both are kids at the Filipino church we attend in Folsom. 

Sunset in Folsom
No matter how great a camera is, it will still fall short in capturing the true image of the subject for a number of reasons.  That's why editing is necessary.  :)

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