Monday, December 19, 2011

Our Help Comes From the Lord

I saw the smiles of victory all over their faces.  Not that long ago, my mother-in-law, Barbara, was diagnosed with breast cancer.  Everyone in the family seemed to have entered a dark tunnel about her situation; we didn't know what we would see at the other end.  Last May, George attended Shannon's graduation without her.  Several chemotherapy and radiation treatments later, here she is with us for a pre-Christmas-get-together.  She lost a few pounds but she has recovered well from all the invasive treatments.  As for the rest of us, we finally reached the end of the tunnel with a refreshing flood of light and hope. 

Sometimes God brings us into a situation where there is nothing left for us but the realization of our helplessness.  Then he brings us out of that place to show us that He has always been there for us.  We praise God for healing Barbara and keeping the rest of us healthy during all of last year.   God is good, all the time! 

This year they purchased/gave several animals through Heifer International in the name of the grandchildren.  I am continually amazed at how well they show the young ones -year after year- ways to be generous to those with lesser things.  My kids are still enjoying being able to lend money to different people all over the world through the Kiva gift certificate that they got from them last year.  

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