Thursday, December 16, 2010

Santa Ana

Anguib Beach

November 15, 2010.  The trip to Santa Ana was long... however, I did not notice anybody complain.  The road was bumpy but we made it.  When we got there we saw this beautiful beach.  The sea was blue and calm and the sand was white.  We were the only people there at that time.  Unexploited and undeveloped, this place has a lot of potential.  I am glad that we were able to see the place before it becomes a commercial tourist place. 

Crocodile Island: No crocodiles on it.

The Lewises made it to the top of the island.

Shannon shows some of the shells she collected.

He stopped taking pictures to admire the place with his shaded eyes.

The breeze tickled Miriam.

Everyone knew where he was from...

We posed for a souvenir photo. 

Mangoves:  Saline-tolerant shrubs.

With Cheska, Mannix, Beth, and Brian.

Narrow and winding road.

The women are being given a seminar by Auntie Alie.

We were in a beautiful place in the company of close relatives. With us were the following:
Eddie and Nenie Yabis with Mannix
Bong and Miriam Castro with family
Grace Yabis with Kean and Marham
Beth Molina with Cheska and Brian
Joan Galvan with Princess Barbero
Auntie Alie Galvan
Rowena Orteza
Pabling - our driver


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