Friday, December 31, 2010

Last Day of the Year 2010

Gingerbread houses made by the kids.

We cleaned some of the drawers and closets today. Unfortunately the day is too short to clean all of that need cleaning. We tried to go watch "Narnia" (Voyage of the Down Treader) in Folsom because according to their website they were showing it in 2D at 11:45AM. Guess what? They only have it in 3D and it was at 1:30PM. I was willing to give in and watch it in 3D if we were not going to wait. We were all disappointed. Since watching was not feasible, we went to eat Chinese food at Emperor's Garden. On our way home we stopped by Home Depot to buy some plants and ant bait. Tim purchased some tools and electrical stuff. Then the kids went to the Pet Smart to buy some feeder fish for Chekov, the turtle and some food for Shannon's pet finches. Shannon wanted to buy some female ones so that they would start to have babies again but they did not look so healthy. We'll try another pet store for healthier birds. Now Lala (Miriam's dove) is also inside the house again. Her outdoor cage is too cold.

Brahms and Miriam continued working on the closets. They sorted all the jackets - keep or give-away. Shannon worked on her college application essays. It seems like a torture for her now...her first draft did not meet her parent's approval. Tim and I had a long talk with her regarding the things that she sees herself doing in the future. There is one guideline that we told her and it is based on the two greatest commandments- To love God and to love others. Whatever we do in this world - no matter how grand it is if they do not end in fulfilling these commandment then the life we live is wasted.

I cut everybody's hair in this family except mine. I spent part of this day cutting hair. Tim and Shannon wanted a haircut and we did it in the cold garage. I was freezing, my coffee got cold before I had a chance to drink it.

Tim is now paying all remaining bills of the year while he waits for the sausages to cool down before he makes some appetizers for tonight.  I'll make pancit and fruit salad. Brahms is going to cook pot stickers (from Costco) and make punch. The inclusion of pot-stickers in our New Year's Eve menu started when we had Meng (Chinese exchange student) with us. She told us that eating pot stickers on New Year's Day is their tradition in Beijing. Another traditional thing that we make is the "chocolate mice" which is made of cherries dipped in melted chocolate as the body and Hershey Kisses as the head. The kids will all work on this as the night progresses. Tim is also going to make Blackberry Upside Down Cake. Shannon is also prepared to make shrimp cocktail.

Brahms is busy making a year-end slide show of the family's trips of the year.

Another tradition that we do in this family is to write our resolutions. It's a goal and a promise to one's self. We put them in a special red box. The red box is stored with the Christmas ornaments. Next year when the ornaments come out we get to evaluate ourselves. As for me I've always failed. This year I need to write items that are measurable. For example - instead of saying "lose 10 pounds" I'd say "eat only one serving of everything" or "walk for one hour five times a week". With this I can say whether I am achieving my goal by the things I choose to do on a daily basis. That's just an example. Whatever resolution I'll write, it will reflect the priorities my life. I do hope that my priorities are in line with my faith and love of God and love to those whom God has placed within my sphere of influence. Indeed this is a time to evaluate the present, plan to make a difference and act on them.

2010 was a blessed year!  We praise the almighty God for His grace and goodness.  Surely, we can laugh at the days to come because we trust Him and know that He loves us.

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