Tuesday, December 23, 2008

The Mussellmans: Pre-Christmas Visit

The Mussellman Family came to spend some time with us while Mark was here in our area for business reasons. It was good to see them all again and see how the kids have grown. Their children are so well behaved that I thought that they are as good if not better than our own! (It's just difficult to accept that they are plainly better than ours :-)) To name a few incidents:

1. Maya, after putting her PJs on, asked Brahms to read her a book. As soon as the book ended she immediately ran to the bedroom so fast that we could not even say 'good night'. She just knew that she is expected to go to bed.

2. Jason was ready to go to bed. Jen put him in a portable crib, which Mark set up in the laundry room, and closed the door. We didn't hear him anymore. He went to sleep till morning.

3. Jen: You had enough juice already.
Maya: Can I have juicy water then? (Water in the juice cup)

Kudos to Jen and Mark!

One Beautiful Family: Jen, Maya, Jason, and Mark

Jason and Cousin Brahms

Maya Loves Salad

Miriam Reads To Maya

Bottles Need To Be Cleaned

Jason's Bedroom AKA Laundry Room

Compensating For The Lack Of Toys

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