Monday, June 18, 2007

Tim is Back From Asia

Tim was gone for two weeks as he travelled to Beijing and then to Tokyo and Osaka. He was travelling with Guarav who is a vegetarian and doesn't like sushi. Needless to say it was difficult to find a place to eat with him.

When Tim travels he makes it a point that he calls me everyday, emails Shannon and Brahms and entertains Miriam on the Instant Messanger at night. That way we get to know what is going on with him on that day and vice versa. One time I was talking to him on the phone and surprised he tells me that there is a man, outside his hotel room, cleaning his window.

For his Starbucks mug collection he brought one from Osaka and another one from LA. Unlike his last trip to Taiwan he did not forget the mugs in the plane this time. It seems that Starbucks is coming up with more colorful designs these days. For his children he brought them some mini teddy bears from the hotel in Beijing. He brought me some green tea but I think that he does not know how to buy good tea.

One thing that he does when he comes back from a trip is to tell me of the unusual food that he had and if he likes one thing then he would try to make it and have me try what he had. I'm sure it is not the same as what a professional chef would make but it gives me an idea. This time he tried an omelette with cheese, turkey and rice as the filling. It is very Asian but I would have never thought of putting rice in there. It was good.

He siad that in Japan it is considered rude to talk on your cell phone in public. Text messaging is acceptable. Also carrying your food is alright but eating it while walking is not. This reflects the lifesyle that they live in Japan.

Now that he is back I don't have to make my coffee again. I feel at home again.

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