Wednesday, June 6, 2007

School Year is Over

Shannon finished 8th grade with honors. She did really well and I am very proud of her. Next year she will say Hello to Oakridge High School. Brahms will be going to 7th grade, still in Camerado Springs. Miriam will be in 2nd grade at Brooks Elementary. Three children in three different schools. What a year it will be?!

In the mean time we had to celebrate for all of them having done well during the past school year. Last Wednesday (May 30) we hosted a party where Shannon invited some of her 8th grader friends, Brahms invited his 6th grader friends and Miriam invited Erich, her special friend. There were a lot of fun things to do: LAN games, xbox, ddr, air hockey, pillow fights, chatting and eating.Tim was incharge of grilling ribs and tri-tip steak. The food was good overall. It was a very successful party. All three of them were really happy at the end of the day. Brahms hugged me several times to thank me for making the party possible. Shannon was all smiles as she remembered all the events that went on.

We thank God for the children He has given us. They are good kids. May he continue to guide and protect them.

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