Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Another Milestone

Today, Miriam got the one thing that most junior-high kids desire to have - driver's licence.  It is the status-symbol of freedom, so they say.  Needless to say, she's very excited.   As a matter of fact, she drove her self alone to school tonight for the basketball game - normally, I would have given her a ride.  (Lord God, please keep her safe.)

From our point of view as parents, our youngest child is a driving person now - which means:

1.  We don't always have to be there to bring her to places.  She can go to her music lessons and band practices on her own now.

2.  We can send her to go to the grocery store now.

3.  We will have to share the use of one of the vehicles or Tim and I will have one vehicle now.  It is a good thing that he works from home.

4.  We can watch Doc Martin now without having to pause when it is time for us to pick her up. 😉

 5.  Etc.

Although I am convinced that parenting lasts a lifetime, this event in particular signals the imminent dawn of empty-nesting.  Somehow this thought frightens me a little.  Soon I will have to decide what to do with my life without children at home.  
So help me God.

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