Thursday, May 5, 2016

Lunch Date in Davis

The obligatory selfie and Brahms' self-prescribed facial expression.  

Tim and I went to have lunch with our son today.  Although we have seen him recently when we went to watch a Soccer game in Sacramento, we really did not have time to talk to him in depth.

Thank God is doing fine. One of the things he talked about were those that pertains to his college Christian group - Catalyst.  (Which means that it is one of the things that occupy his thoughts currently).  Just today he was interviewing candidates for the position of Small Group Leaders.  Catalyst is very serious about choosing the right leaders - and so should every organization. Brahms plays a key role in the leadership of this group at this present time.  That is where most of his social life revolve. Being his mother, I like it because he gets to think about life and God with other people.  It is a good exercise for him to be exposed to the emotional pressure of being in leadership.

It is comforting to see a child make plans - not just for the distant unforeseen future but for the next month, next quarter or next year on his own.  Work, housing, summer internship, and even spending time with his sister.  To an outsider there is nothing to glean from such conversations but to a parent it is completely different.  There is hope for this child to be able to run something beyond his own affairs with wisdom!

One of the perks of living close to your folks is that they can bring you some barbecued ribs when they come visit.  :)

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