Monday, March 28, 2016

A Friend in Need is a Friend in Deed

The act of kindness done for others doubles or triples in value by the time they are received. That is what happened to me last weekend. When we arrived from our family Spring vacation, not only did my friend Sue - helped by her son Erich - made sure our pets had food, also stocked our fridge with delicious food so that we could have food to eat the following morning, That was really very helpful for poor travelers like us. They also setup Easter eggs around the house so that that Miriam could hunt for them. I must say that they were very sneaky in the way they hid the eggs.

 A friend is like an extension of the hands of God.  My friend, Sue is like that to me. She is always there for me and my family.  Most of the time I don't have to tell her anything, she just knows what to do.  I feel very blessed to have her not only to benefit from her goodness but also to have a close reminder of how I should be to her and to others around me.  I value her friendship not only because she is of help to me but most importantly the presence of someone I can trust and share a part of my life with. 

My friendship with Sue started when Brahms and Marcus were in first grade.  The two became friends and so Sue and I did.  Eventually there were two families doing things together.  It helped that we both have three children who are of similar ages and husbands who can discuss technology in depth.  Ever since the children were in elementary school we spent Easter dinner and egg hunt together - rain or shine.  But now that some of the older kids are living farther away and/or working, it has become more difficult to have a complete-family egg hunt.  But who knows, maybe one day we can have all children together again who knows when) and we'll do what we used to do for the sake of the gone by days.  :)  

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