Thursday, July 23, 2015

A Date at the Bancroft Garden

Today Tim and I drove to Ruth Bancroft Garden.  The garden features water-conserving plants that ranged from small succulents to large trees (Pictures of plants that caught my interest will be posted in  Mastering Horticulture.)   It was a date in a garden - or it could also be a date in the car.  Although the garden was our destination, the means of getting there was where most of the excitement happened.  The garden experience was mostly for me but everything else was equally enjoyed by both of us.

Driving for three hours was an opportune time to superficially evaluate the vehicles on the road.  This is something we need to do because we are soon to buy a new vehicle after Brahms takes the Nissan Quest.

Eating outdoor at Panera with my dear husband was very nice considering the temperature was 75°F in Walnut Creek.  And of course, ice cream cone on the road is always appreciated.  (I always finish my ice cream first but Tim won't let me help him finish his.)

In the end, we were about to reach El Dorado Hills when "Right Here Waiting" by Richard Marx started to play.  Tim started to sing - soon after that I joined him.  We were singing a song that was painfully meaningful to us when we were engaged and separated; I was in the Philippines and he was back in the States.  It seems as though whoever wrote the song, knew what we were going through at the time.  :)

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