Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Spring Break 2012

Since I started working, I have not had a lot of free time to blog...or perhaps I had the time but I was too tired to do anything beyond the basics.  However, I really want to document some of the things we do as a family and some thoughts that come to my mind.  So slowly I will try to catch up with my schedule. 

UC Irvine - February 4, 2012

On February 3, 2012 we all went to visit Shannon.  This was the first time we went back to see her since e dropped her off last fall.  She got to show us her place - the Shire.  We even met some of her dorm mates who were eating Taco Bell at the time. 

With us there, she got a chance to go to McDonalds - she swears that their fries are the best in the world.  Then she brought us to have dinner at her new favorite place, Koba Tofu Grill.  I immediately understood why she loves this place.  I enjoyed the food so much that I over ate fried fish.  In the end I missed going to the Cha for Tea (another place she wanted us to try) because I was so sick.  So I stayed in the hotel alone. 

After all the times we spent with her we had to leave her again.  It was sad.  But we had to go to see UCLA for Brahms. Yes, he is now checking colleges!  I hate to think about it because it means that he will also soon leave us.  Sometimes denial works.  :)  

UCLA - February 4, 2012


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