Saturday, February 18, 2012

Anniversary Trip 2012

Last year was Portland. This year we went to Asilomar for our annual fun trip to celebrate our wedding anniversary.  The place is located in Pacific Grove, California which is adjacent to Monterey.  Since our anniversary happens in the dead of winter, it is quiet a challenge to find a place to go outside of California. 

We spent most of the day on two different beaches in the area.  We hiked.  When we stopped, Miriam observed the tide pools; she and Brahms played chase with the waves.  This morning our destination was Monterey Bay Aquarium.  This is probably the fourth time that I have visited the place.  Miriam was a toddler when the last time we came but she could not remember anything about it. 

This is the first time we celebrated our anniversary without my Shannon.  I missed her so we kept connected electronically. Brahms and Miriam did a great job making up for missing silliness that would have been provided by Shannon.

The second night that we were there, we went to see a mivie at an old fashined theater - there is no surround sound nor high definition.

Tim maintained his tradition of unnecessarily having us all walk to a destination that eventually does not make sense.  After we toured the aquarium, we were all tired and hungry.  In search of a nice place to eat, Tim refers to his dependable GPS through his cell phone.  So we walked.  Our steps turned into yards, yards turned into blocks, and blocks turned into miles until finally we got to the place.  There was much celebration until we found out, thirty seconds later, that the restaurant is no longer in business.  And so we had to walk back and ate in a small restaurant where the food would have been more exciting had we been in a better mood prior to eating.  So we had ribs and hamburgers.  Sigh.

If I count the years, twenty one is a long time.  But if I list all the fun times and blessings of being married, as if we only had begun.  I thank God for giving me Tim! 

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