Monday, August 1, 2011

Miriam's Eleventh Birthday

Miriam on her eleventh birthday.

This is the girl I call my surprise baby - smart, beautiful and in some ways exotic.   She's growing up and trying to catch up with her siblings whom she loves so much.   It is hard to believe that the baby I gave birth to shortly after we moved to El Dorado Hills is now in middle school. 

Mriam and Will Leszinske

On her eleventh birthday she chose to invite some friends to come over.  First we had pizza, went to the Ridgeview Park to play "Capture the Flag", and then played with water balloons.  When they got tired and after the faucet was broken, we came back to the house to have some apple pie and to open presents.   After all the basic birthday activities, they did other things such as look at Will's YouTube channel,  laughed at them a lot, jump up-and-down on the beds in Miriam's room and breaking one of them. 

Miriam, Becky and Will

Miriam and Erich Lippuner

Miriam with Janae Bonnel, Emily Kennedy, Becky Carmichael, Erich Lippuner, and Will Leszinske

Her new cajon (a percussion instrument) - a birthday present.

One of her current interests is band.  She loves being in band and enjoys learning to play all sorts of percussion instruments at school.  One of the presents we got her is an instrument called  cajon.  Basically it is a box which combines bass and a snare drum. She can sit on it while she plays it.  Recently she has been asked to train to replace the drummer (who will soon graduate) for Youth Band.  Also she continues to take drum lessons under Cameron Carbrey.

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