Friday, August 14, 2009

A Special Day

Birthdays are milestones. They are reference points in our lives that indicate how far we have gone. They function as markers that help us recount the blessings enjoyed and trials we've mastered.

Tomorrow is Mom's (Marilyn) birthday. Eighteen years ago she became a part of who I am. It was around that time when I asked her if I could call her "Mom". She graciously granted me the choice to do so. Although I was aware of the narrow difference between her age and mine, the respect that I have for her prevented me from addressing her in any other way. From that day on and until I die, that will be the way I address her and cherish the acceptance that she had shown me.

Mom, Happy birthday! Hope to see you again soon.


I can remember when I was in high school, Mom would say: “We don’t need to write down the rules, you already know the rules.” How that rankled then, but then, more and more, I have come to appreciate how true it was that common sense, responsibility and compassion were just expected of us into us from a young age. High expectations are part of the heritage that I pass down from Mom to my own kids. No excuses!

Happy Birthday Mom


I feel that I am too young because everyone talks about the days before I was born. Sometimes I feel like I know nothing that my siblings talk about. Although when it comes to my grandma Marilyn, I have my own special memories of her.
I remember when I asked if I could have a dollhouse. I was very patient. Then our family went to their house. I was so exited. We were out on the garden when Grandpa and Grandma told me to come with them into the shop. There I saw a dollhouse with all the little details. I was so happy! I never imagined it to be so good. I know that she loves me because she gave me her own dollhouse.

Happy Birthday, Grandma :)


I remember when I was just a small kid, when I got to go to Grandma Marilyn's house, where my older sister and I would run around the huge garden and search for frogs. Grandma would always come along with us and show us the best places to find them. We would look in the compost pile, near the water wheel, and in the bushes that she just watered, but what I remember the most is that whenever we found another frog, she would not say "Let it go." or "That's enough frogs." She would say, "I'd better get another jar." She would just let us have fun and tell us to keep finding more until we found the largest frog in the garden. Grandma would just keep going in and out to get more and more jars until we had half a dozen jars lined up on the porch, filled with frogs, but frogs were not all that filled the jars. Love also filled those jars. Grandma had spent her time and given her love to us through those jars. That is the type of person I want to be when I have grandkids.

Thank you for your giving me love, fun, and frogs.

Happy Birthday Grandma!


Whenever we go to Grandma's house, there's always something new and special she shows us. Sometimes it's a new collection of cool rocks, a giant toad that moved into the garden, or a batch of brownies right out of the oven. Right now, I wish I could send her something special or say something special that would express my gratitude and thankfulness that I have Grandma as a part of my family. I'm not much for profound statements or choosing amazing gifts, but I'll give it a try.

Happy birthday Grandma!

Thanks for being an amazing person and grandmother to me!

Have lots of cake and ice cream.

Love you!


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