Friday, February 23, 2007

Sixteen Years Today

Today Tim and I have been married for 16 years! Sixteen years and we still like being married to each other, a lot! May our Lord God continue to bless and guide us.

We have always celebrated our anniversary as a family starting when Shannon was a little baby crying while we ate our anniversary dinner at Sizzler in Morgan Hill. The other day the five of us: Mommy and Daddy, Shannon, Brahms and Miriam went to dine at Zinfandel Grill in Folsom to remember the day when Tim proposed to me. Previously we often did something special just for the two of us on this day. In the past years we either went to see a play, a movie, ate at that fancy restaurant at the San Jose airport called Aero Squadron, ate at not-so-fancy places like Marie Callenders, wrote our state-of-the-marriage letter to each other, went shopping for some jewely, stayed at our favorite hotel on Monterey, another year in Sacramento, or a surprise trip to Seattle.

Today is different because instead of doing something special for the two of us or for our family, we did something special with our Friday-Night bible study. I cooked a nice dinner for all of us and we had fun eating and sharing about our lives. Today we shared the joy of having a beautiful marriage with others. I think we have morphed from being selfish about our anniversary to being service-oriented. That is a good thing!

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